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We Deeply Value


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. high performance join, hand finishing, and quality control.


Fast response, customized, 1-year guarantee, logistic, assembly.


Indonesian Legal Wood certified (SVLK – Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu).

Narasi is a subsidiary of PT. Daya Karsa Wiguna which have been having an extensive experience in metal working industry for over 10 years. Partnering with companies that perform in wood working industry, we are able to create customize able furnishings that suited to each customer’s needs.

Previously, we made custom orders for export to United Kingdom, United States, and Europe. Now, we are ready to serve here in Indonesia, with very high quality product and finishing, along with excellent service.

Narasi is not only a furnishing company that manufactures furniture products, but an evolving company with mutually related function in terms of design consultation, metal and wood working, engineering, production, packaging, sales, distribution, logistic, and after sales service, that always accounted to each customer’s needs. This whole integration makes cutomized furnishings easy.

We enable unique collaborations within our business, and we continuously aim to increasing value to each company’s stakeholder in hope to give growth and sustainability for the company.

Our Process

Raw Material

Raw material quality matters a lot towards the result of the product finishing. To ensure the quality of every product made, we always standardize every raw material that we use. We have good partnerships with reputable suppliers to fulfill Narasi’s needs such as steel, stainless steel SS304L, aluminium, HPL, wood, solid wood, copper, brass and others.

Precision Cutting Machine

We use high precision cutting machine in order to get the right measurement as what the client wants. Highly efficient raw material cutting creates even more efficiency on energy resource that needed the most within the cutting process. This energy efficiency is important for Narasi as we commit to environmental sustainability through environmental friendly energy usage.

CNC Machining Center

Highly precised product has been one virtues long since the establishment of our company. CNC Machining Center and CNC Wire Cut help to create highly precised products up to 6 micrometers. With these two CNCs, highly complex and detailed products with any raw material that our customers wants are possible to make without any compromised.

TIG Welding

Usually, one of the common problems faced throughout the welding process is the spreading of Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). This is causing wavy surface on the joints and small holes due to cooling down process that is too fast. Narasi uses Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and Spot Welding which usually used for international automotive industry to tackle those problems. The welders in our company is accustomed to this practice and certified to conduct this welding process that is renowned internationally.

Excellent Hand Finishing

Product design is not complete if it is not finalized with aesthetic perfection. Narasi always conduct the finishing process with hands instead of machines to meet our customers needs. Our skillful craftsmen able to carves wood and metal with aesthetic finish, including weaving for textiles.

Quality Check

Quality check is done for every process within the product manufacturing, including the finishing. With this quality control, we make sure there is no mistake in every stage of the production process. We have our own production philosophy where we will not continue the product manufacturing process if there is a flaw within the process.


Packaging process is really important prior to delivery. Narasi commits that the perfectly finished products should be packaged perfectly, so there is not be any defects throughout the delivery process. Narasi has experiences in packaging process that we learned from delivering our products to United Kingdom, United States of America, and Europe.


To ship the products safely and on time is one of the important factors that Narasi enforce so that our customers are highly satisfied with us. We have good partnership with reliable logistics company that have more than 10 years of experience in furniture logistics and we are confident that the product will arrive safely and right on time.


When the product arrives at our customers’s location, Narasi helps the installation of the product right where it wants to be installed. Narasi commits fully to help so that the product can be used directly and we make sure there is no troubles during the installation and usage.

After Sales Service

Fast response when troubles come is one of Narasi’s main strength to show the commitment to our clients. We ensure that the products we made will lasts within the time range. This can be done with a relatively quicker amount of time because we have our own blueprints of the product, so we are able to make the service more efficient.

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